October 28, 2019 0 By Lize V

Upon entering Darling, it kind of blows your mind to think that a simple “dorpie” like this has so much to offer. I honestly wanted to park the car and just wander through the streets. Streets so quiet and peaceful you could easily lose track of time, time which is still measured here by the church clock.

My first visit, obviously, as I have a big sweet tooth, was Darling Sweet. A Beautiful old white building situated in Long street and inside – TOFFEE everywhere! When walking through the doors you are greeted with glass panels showing the toffee factory in full working, and also the friendly old “tannie” giving you the best advice on toffee tasting.

You can also walk through the Toffee Gallery with some amazing art on the walls. We had our toffee tasting , and the “tannie” also advised us on where to get the best meat in town and where we should buy some wine. We left sweet and with a few boxes of toffee in our arms!

Next up was Darling Brew. The factory and industrial design already blew me away. Darling Brew was established in 2010 and have played a big part in helping put Darling on the map with guided tastings and dramatic views from their taste room that overlooks the state of the art brewery. I’m not a beer drinker at all, but decided to do one of their tastings.

I really enjoyed the Slow Beer and the Spirited Flight The Ruby Jewel! Darling Brew is the perfect spot for a slow Saturday with friends and family.

We were off to Evita se Perron, where I stood in awe coming to realize that Tannie Evita was indeed Pieter Dirk Uys. I could never understand when I brought up Tannie Evita se Perron as a place I still wanted to visit in conversations at home, my father in law would suddenly talk about Pieter Dirk Uys and politics. I see myself as someone who is well informed about local things and places, but somehow I was really uninformed and somewhere I have missed the part where my Tannie Evita was indeed a man!

We almost spent 3 hours here just strolling, reading and having lunch in the garden.

Darling have so much to offer, we didn’t even get to experience a third of all of it. Darling is easily accessible from either the N7 or the R27 and is only an hour’s drive from Cape Town, perfect for a weekend away in the country. There is the craft beer and taproom at Darling Brew as mentioned above, olives and olive products at Darling Olives to be tasted. The top end of the Main Road boasts an artisanal cheesery and deli and also The Darling Wine Shop. Wine tasting at Ormonde, Cloof (also where the famous Rocking the Daisies festival is hosted) Darling Cellars and Groote Post along with its long established, family friendly Hilda’s Kitchen. A San centre at nearby !!Khwa ttu and the beach at Yzerfontein is just a short drive away. Back in Darling is the beloved Darling Museum and a number of restaurants and coffee shops like Bistro Seven Marmalade Cat, Café Mosaic, Chicory Cheese Café and Brig’s Barn. You can find yourself the perfect accommodation from all the options on offer and treat yourself to a weekend in this little “dorpie” full of culture and “lekker” tastings!